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‘1500 cremations were held in Indore in April’

by akash

Indore (MP): The Madhya Pradesh government has been accused of hiding the Covid death toll. More than 1500 people were cremated last month in a crematorium in Indore city. Even though the number of cremations are recorded in the official register, the city’s health department does not have the time to report the daily deaths. The Indore Health Department in its Corona bulletin releases the death toll on a daily basis. However, a glimpse of the cremation ghats in the city gives a totally different picture. When the team reached ‘Panchkuiya Muktidham’ crematorium in the city, Poonam Baba, an employee working there for many years said that several bodies were cremated on a daily basis. On April 30, thirty-five bodies were cremated, out of which 20 were Covid positive patients. While in the Corona Bulletin, only seven Covid deaths were reported, the employee working in the crematorium contradicts government figures saying that 1,500 were cremated in April. According to the cremation register till 30 April, around 1,028 funerals have been recorded at the crematorium. As there are a total of nine crematoriums in the city, the number of deaths is reported to be still higher. When the team tried to access the death toll data from a top officer of the Health Department, the CMHO was seen evading the questions.

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