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19-year-old golfer donates prize money for vaccination

by akash

Mumbai: In a scenario, where not a single day goes by without unsettling news about how the pandemic situation is spiralling out of control, India’s young generation sure seems determined to take command of the situation – one step, at a time. A 19-year-old golfer from Mumbai has donated his prize money for the vaccination of employees at Bombay Presidency Golf Club in Chembur. Golfer Krushiv K L Tekchandani’s gesture will serve as an inspiration to youngsters. On one hand, where young Turks bring in innovative solutions to the rescue of citizens, there are others, who are setting examples by putting their best altruistic foot forward. The frontline workers need as many helping hands as possible. Apart from the doctors and nurses, other heroes are stepping in and lending a hand for the welfare of the nation and its people. Pained by the serious lack of initiative, especially among the economically backward classes, young Mumbai-born Krishiv KL Tekchandani took an out-of-turn decision. Tekchandani hopes that the money will be used to vaccinate the employees of the club so that they can shield themselves against COVID. He has been contributing to social projects including blood donation on his birthdays and important occasions after turning 18. The young generation has been at the forefront and are doing their bit to help fight against COVID and are involved in various projects like blood donation camps to help the government deal with the present health crisis A habitual donor, socially-committed Krishiv began his career at the age of 7 and has been constantly training, playing and winning competitive tournaments across the globe. Krishiv says that there are hundreds of on-field workers like caddies, gardeners, caretakers and field staff who work hard behind the scenes at any golf course. These people often lack the resources as well as awareness of the need for COVID 19 vaccination. Further, in a lockdown scenario, where both their livelihood and survival is at stake, Krishiv felt that as a sportsman, his first duty was towards helping his fellow co-workers on the Golf course.

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