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30 pvt doctors offer to work for free at Uran Covid Center

by akash

Raigad (Maharashtra): The Uran Medical Welfare Association, a private doctors’ association, has decided to offer their services for free to the patients at the Government Covid Center. This will provide better services to the patients of Uran taluka and decrease the number of patients going to hospitals in the big cities. The decision was taken by the association due to the low number of doctors and other staff at the centre and difficulties due to this in patient care. Amid the surge in the number of cases, patients are not getting adequate care and many are losing their lives due to lack of service needed. The government Covid centre is full, and patients are finding it difficult to get beds in hospitals. A similar picture can be seen in the Covid Center in Uran taluka, where due to lack of manpower there are obstructions in patient care. Keeping this in mind, the Uran Medical Welfare Association has offered to work for free at the Covid centre in Uran. With the proper day-to-day care of patients here, these private doctors will strive to make sure that every patient who is admitted here is fully cured and heads back home. For this purpose, 30 doctors will work in three shifts and experts will monitor the patients on a daily basis. The decision taken up by the private doctors will enable full-time care for the covid patients at the centre and they don’t have to go to other hospitals for treatment. Dr Manoj Bhadre, Medical Superintendent, has welcomed the decision taken by the Association.

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