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8-year-old Pakistani Boy Enters India, BSF Hands Him Over After Offering Food

by Eha

An eight-year-old boy from Pakistan who accidentally entered into the Indian territory at the Barmer border in Rajasthan was safely handed over to Pakistan Rangers by the BSF on Friday night. The Border Security Force (BSF) officials also fed the boy after taking him into custody and then held a flag meeting with the Pakistani rangers and handed over the child. The child was in good health at the time of the handover to the Pakistani officers. Karim entered the Indian border at about 5 pm on Friday. Displaying an exemplary show of humanity, the Border Security Force soldiers offered food to Karim. Karim is the son of Daman Khan, a resident of Nagarparkar district in Pakistan. Contrary to the gesture displayed by the Indian soldiers, a young man from the Barmer region who had accidentally crossed the border has been lodged in a Pakistani jail for the past several months. Gemararam, a resident of Sajjan Ka Par village under the Bijrad police station in the Barmer district, has been lodged in a Pakistani jail since six months for accidentally crossing the border. Pakistan authorities are not taking any step for his return. On the night of November 5, 2020, Gemararam, had accidentally crossed the barricades of Pakistan and was caught by Pakistani rangers. Incidents of people crossing over the India-Pakistan border are often reported from Rajasthan and Punjab. People from these bordering districts often do this accidentally without knowing that they have entered into the territory of a foreign country. Many times, people who have crossed over into the Pakistani territory end up sending months, and sometimes even years in Pakistani jails.

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