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Boat capsizes in Ganges at Bihar’s Saran

by akash

Saran (Bihar): A boat laden with sand and people on board capsized in the Ganges in Bihar’s Saran district. It is being reported that the ill-fated boat sank in the middle of the Ganges due to excess weight and a strong storm. However, none lost their lives as the people were rescued by fellow sailors from another boat that was close by. The incident took place near Doriganj Ghat in Chhapra district. According to eyewitnesses, the boat was on its way from Haldi Chhapra Ghat of Arrah, sailing towards Mehrauli Ghat of Doriganj. Eyewitnesses said that as the boat began to plunge, people on the boat jumped into the river in a bid to save their lives. Though the sailors tried a lot to steer the boat, they were unsuccessful.

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