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Delhi woman runs from pillar to post to get back her stranded son

by Eha

New Delhi: The mother of a 15-year-old teenager who had left home three years back and landed at a rehab centre in Hyderabad is running from pillar to post after the rehab authorities denied letting her son go with her. The teenager, who hails from Delhi’s Sultanpuri had left home in 2017 when he was 12 years old According to the mother of the boy, she had got married twice and the boy is the son of her first husband. The boy has less liking for his step-father which made him run away from home. Earlier too the boy had run away from home but was later found at a shelter home in Chennai a month later. She was unable to find her son due to illness. Her efforts to find him were fruitless, however, five months after leaving the house, the boy contacted his mother and told her that he is in a rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad. The woman then filed a complaint with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. The mother made every attempt to bring back her son. She even saved some money and gave it to her husband to bring back her son. The husband, however, failed to bring him back. The woman did not lose hope and tried to raise money to bring the boy back from Hyderabad but all in vain. She also filed a complaint in the women’s commission following which it sent letters to various departments. The woman somehow reached Hyderabad on March 2. However, at the centre, she learned that her son has been accused of theft of Rs 5 lakh and his fingerprints have been found at the place of the crime. The woman said that there are CCTV cameras installed everywhere and her son is under their supervision so how can he steal the money. She also said that no case of theft was filed and her son was not produced before the court. The woman further added that she pleaded with the rehab authorities to let her son go. Frustrated the woman returned to Delhi failing to get her son back. The rehab authorities, however, are yet to be contacted regarding the matter.

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