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Doctor’ held for stealing gold of techie who he was dating in Mumbai

by Eha

Mumbai: To some he was a doctor with a specialisation in endocrinology. For others, he was a high-ranking police officer with an official car and a beacon. Sourabh Thakur (35) was arrested by Ghatkopar police on Tuesday forstealing ornaments from a woman he had been dating for several months. Investigators said they are figuring out his actual educational qualifications and occupation.The 32-year-old woman who lodged a complaint against Thakur is an IT professional. She saw his profile on a dating app last year and after their profiles matched, they started chatting. They hit it off and went out on dates.“Once, he told the woman that he wanted to meet her parents. She invited him to her apartment at Ghatkopar. When they were indoors, Thakur suddenly recollected that he had left some gifts in his car parked downstairs. Hesent the woman to his car to collect them,” said zonal deputy commissioner Prashant Kadam Four days later, the woman could not find her mother’s ancestral jewellery at home. She gradually realised that the gold ornaments had been stolen. No visitor other than Thakur had been to the apartment.She complained to Ghatkopar police after her fears were confirmed. During preliminary inquiries, police discovered the ornaments worth Rs 6.5 lakh were stolen by Thakur. “We seized a high-end car, which sported a ‘police’sign in the front and a beacon on top. He is not a policeman and could have used the car and beacon for impersonation. An ID card from the home minister’s office found on him will be verified,” said Kadam

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