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Enforcement Directorate seizes assets of notorious criminal Madhav Das

by Eha

Patna (Bihar): The Enforcement Directorate has beheld the properties of notorious Madhav Das alias Amarendra Kumar and his family members. Madhav has been a member of the banned international criminal and left-wing extremist organization which is responsible for having executed several crimes in the four states, including Bihar. Many bank robbery cases have been registered against Madhav Das, who’s known by nine names. He has also committed crimes at various locations in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal. The ED has booked Madhav Das alias Amarendra Kumar under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. The value of the property seized by the ED has been valued at ‘One Crore One Lakh Seventy-Five Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-Nine’. It was after years of efforts, that the Bihar STF team had managed to apprehend the notorious criminal from Garachatti of Gaya. During the investigation, the ED came to know that the money earned through criminal activities were being pumped into real estate activities and deposited in the bank accounts of his family members. According to the ED, amongst those assets of Madhav Das which have been seized include five plots registered in the name of wife Urmila Devi at ‘Paada’ and ‘Lebro Garh’. There are also 5 immovable assets in the name of Umesh Kumar Ravidas, the brother of Madhav Das. The ED initiated the investigation of the case on the basis of criminal cases registered under various sections in the name of Madhav Das in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Orissa. In some of the cases, his wife Urmila Devi and his brother Arjun Das are also co-accused. As per the latest information, the Economic Offences Unit of the Police Department which looks into the confiscation of illegal property acquired by the criminals has speeded up the investigation. Under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 Criminal Law Amendment 1944, the case is being investigated by the Economic Offenses Unit. A proposal has also been sent to the ED by the Economic Offenses Unit to seize the illegal assets of 170 criminals. Action will be taken only after the completion of the proper investigation to seize the property of criminals. A proposal has also been sent to the ED to speed up the investigation of cases by the Economic Offences Unit. In Madhav Das’ case, a notorious criminal having a Naxal background, his assets have been confiscated,” said Pankaj Kumar, SP, Economic Crimes Unit.

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