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Girl says no, man fights, stalks, tries to kill self

by Eha

Bengaluru: A 23-year-old man, who allegedly tried all means to arm-twist a girl into marrying him, finally turned up at her doorstep, kicked up a huge ruckus and finally attempted suicide in front of her house.
Manjunatha, an engineering graduate and a resident of Magadi, was rushed to the hospital after he consumed sleeping tablets in front of the 19-year-old girl’s house. He is recovering. Amulya (name changed), a degree student, has filed a complaint against Manjunatha for repeatedly harassing her and forcing her to marry him. Police said that Manjunatha was friends with her since 2018 and after he expressed his feelings, she rejected him. Amulya told the police that they had become friends three years ago, but after he expressed his feelings for her, she distanced herself. “When I was studying in a college in KR Circle, he would come there and pick up fights with me. He would also come near our house in Sunkadakatte and threaten my parents due to which my parents discontinued my studies and moved to Heganahalli last year,” she said.

But Manjunatha followed her to the new house too last month and the harassment began all over again. “On March 16, around 9 pm, he came to my house and started creating a ruckus. Hearing the commotion, my father and my younger brother came out to calm him down but he continued to abuse them and me. He picked up a wooden log and attacked my father and my brother while they were trying to talk to him. Despite people trying to stop him, he came towards me and pulled on my stole in front of everyone. He started assaulting me saying that all of this happened because of me and tried to disrobe me. He pushed me and told me that he had already taken 20 tablets to commit suicide as I had rejected him and had come to see me before dying,” she stated.

A senior officer said that Manjunatha used to follow the girl around to force her to marry him. “Her parents had warned him and last week, he went to her house and misbehaved with her. He assaulted her parents and to force her to accept his marriage proposal, he attempted suicide. Her father, who was angry with his behaviour, assaulted him after he took the tablets and later alerted the police. After she filed a complaint of harassment, he too filed a counter complaint of assault against her father and we have registered both cases and are investigating.” Madanayakanahalli police have registered a case and have asked him to appear before them for questioning after his recovery. Further investigation is underway.

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