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MP doctor rides 180 km in scorching heat to help COVID patients

by akash

Balaghat: With India reeling under the second wave of COVID pandemic and collapsing health infrastructure, many COVID heroes and frontline workers have come forward to help people, emerging as a ray of hope. These COVID heroes are fighting the odds and braving the pandemic to help the people who are in dire need of oxygen, medicines and hospital beds. One such example is the resident medical officer from Madhya Pradesh who travelled 180 km on her two-wheeler to Maharashtra to help the COVID patients in the time of distress. Dr. Pragya Ghade, who works as medical staff at a COVID center in Nagpur, came to her house in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat during the lockdown. But as soon as she received the information that she has to rush back to her duty, she did not even think for a second. Pragya travelled from Balaghat to Nashik on her two-wheeler, riding for 7 hours at a stretch, without food and water and covering 180 km in the scorching sun. Five COVID patients die due to lack of oxygen in Bhopal She resorted to her own means of transport owing to the lockdown-like restrictions imposed in Maharashtra which is witnessing a huge spike in COVID infections. With no buses and trains available to reach Maharashtra, the brave doctor resolved to travel back to Nagpur on her scooty. Her determination, willpower and grit prompted her to go back to Nagpur to provide medical assistance to the patients. I came to Balaghat during lockdown but then received the information that there has been a massive surge in cases. There was no mode of transport to go back to Nashik. So, I decided to travel back to the hospital on my two-wheeler. My parents were a little reluctant but they allowed me later.” Token system starts in Indore’s crematorium Elaborating on her duty, she said that she has to dedicate six hours at a COVID designated hospital in Nagpur. She further said that after her duty she also goes to other hospitals to help other COVID patients. Pragya works for 12 hours a day wearing a PPE kit but she says that helping patients at this time of distress gives her peace and satisfaction. COVID-19: ‘Tout’ asks Rs. 60,000 for hospital bed in Madhya Pradesh

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