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MP man chops wife’s fingers, hand over domestic fights

by Eha

Betul: Upset over the trivial domestic fights, a man chopped his wife’s hand and three of her fingers of the other hand with an axe in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday, triggering panic in the area. The gruesome incident was reported from Chicholi village of Betul district. The victim, who was initially admitted to a primary health care centre in Chicholi, was referred to the district hospital and then to state-run Hamidia hospital in Bhopal. The doctors attending the patient informed the police that the victim will not be able to use her fingers like before. On March 25, the couple had an altercation in the early morning and infuriated over a trivial fight, the man severed his wife’s hands and fingers with an axe. The accused also sustained injuries during the attack. Police swung into action upon receiving the information and immediately rushed the victim to PHC in Chicholi. Police said that the man and his wife were often involved in heated arguments and efforts are underway to arrest the accused. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has expressed shock at the incident and taken cognisance of the matter and said that strict laws will be enforced to punish the guilty. Chouhan also instructed the DGP to take implement strict measures for such crimes and said such matters must be taken to fast-track courts. Tweeting about the incident, Chouhan said, “I am shocked to see unfortunate incidents targeting women in the state for the past 15 days. The most heinous crime of cutting off the hands of three sisters by their husbands. If someone else attacks, it is a crime, but when it’s the husband, it is a murder of faith.”He added, “This is a heinous crime. I want to launch an awareness campaign to curb domestic violence and bring in a new law. The law should be strict enough that the perpetrators should think thousand times before committing such a crime

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