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Mumbai: ‘Two-minutes’ kidnap lands man in jail for 6 months

by Eha

Mumbai: In a trial that took 20 days, a 22-year-old man, who kidnapped a five-year-old girl for “2 to 3”
minutes before being apprehended by her father who was near their house parking his bike while she waited at the gate, has been convicted and sentenced to six months of rigorous imprisonment. The incident took place in October 2020. While the accused claimed he had picked up the child out of concern as she was alone, the court refuted this after having found through the child’s deposition that he did not ask her any questions before walking away with her. However, refusing to grant the maximum sentence of seven years of imprisonment, the court held the accused had not deliberately come to the spot to take the child, but finding her alone at 11 pm, he decided to take her away. The court also said no untoward incident had taken place. “Considering these aspects and his family background that he is the only bread-earner of his family…it is just and proper to impose upon him six months’ rigorous imprisonment with fine of Rs 1,000,” the court said.
The accused was acquitted of offences under the Pocso Act. “Carrying the victim girl, holding her hand, in
such circumstances cannot be said to have been done only with a sexual intention or to outrage her modesty.
The prosecution has failed to prove that the accused had touched her either intending to outrage her modesty
or with sexual intention,” the court said.

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