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Not informed of father’s death even 4 days after his cremation, alleges UP man

by akash

Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh): A shocking case of negligence by hospital staff has come to light from Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh, wherein a son was deprived of the chance to meet his ailing father for one last time and also arrange a proper funeral ceremony. Bachilal, a resident of Prayagraj, was not informed about his father’s demise by the staff at SRN Covid L3 Hospital even four days after his body was cremated. According to Bachilal, his father Motilal (82) was admitted to the Covid Care Centre on April 13 and he had been handing over food, juice and clothes daily to the hospital staff till April 21. The hospital staff used to collect the items and claimed that they were handed over to Motilal. However, on April 21, Bachilal was informed that the food items and clothes were being refused by the patient. He then insisted that they allow him to speak with his father. When he was escorted to the Covid ward, he was shocked to see someone else in place of his father. When he questioned the staff, Bachilal learnt that Motilal’s health had turned critical and that he breathed his last on April 17. He was also given the death certificate of his father. It was revealed that Motilal was cremated along with other unclaimed bodies on the same day. Bachilal laments that he could not visit his father nor arrange a proper funeral as per religious rites due to the carelessness of the hospital administration. On the other hand, the hospital management ‘clarified’ that another patient with a similar name being admitted after Motilal’s demise had led to confusion among the staff. Now, Bachilal is running from pillar to post, demanding justice from authorities for the mental agony he’s been facing due to the dire negligence committed by the hospital staff. He also wants strict action initiated against the erring staff.

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