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Six-year-old girl sexually abused and murdered in Idukki

by akash

Idukki(Kerala): A shocking murder of a minor has been reported from Churakulam Estate in Vandiperiyar of Idukki. A six-year-old girl was found hanging in a room. The victim was found with a shawl tied to her neck in a room on June 30th. A preliminary investigation revealed that the minor might have dies while playing with the shawl and accidentally hung herself. However, the police started treating the case as murder after the post-mortem report found anomalies. The post-mortem of the victim was conducted at the Idukki Medical College. The doctor who conducted the autopsy of the victim reported that the victim had undergone sexual abuse. This made the police revisit their initial investigation and probed further into the case. The investigations narrowed down to her neighbour. The police have taken the neighbour into custody. The accused has been identified at Arjun aged 22 years. The police in their course of investigations found that the accused had sexually abused the minor many times. The accused used to enter the house of the victim when the parents used to leave for work and abused the child taking advantage of their absence. The child had fallen unconscious during the assault and mistaking her to have died, the accused hung her in the room. The youth also took part in the child’s funeral and consoled the victim’s parents.

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