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Tenant sets his landlady and two children on fire

by Eha

Kanpur: In a shocking incident, a tenet set fire on his landlady and her two children, killing one. The woman and the other child sustained severe injuries. The incident happened in Akbarput in Kanpur. The accused is the husband of a woman soldier Usha. The accused tried to escape after committing the crime but he collided with a container lorry. Police have admitted him in a hospital. Even though villagers tried to rescue the landlady and two children, they had severe burns by then.

Upon receiving information, police immediately reached the spot and sent them to hospital. They were sent to a hospital in Kanpur city after primary treatment in the village. The five-year-old girl succumbed to injuries while treatment. Superintendent of Police Keshav Kumar Chaudhary said that the entire matter is being investigated. Usha and her husband used to live in Archana’s house for rent. Kailash Nath Yadav, Archana’s father-in-law, told that she was cooking in the kitchen and the accused suddenly threw petrol on her and set her ablaze.

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