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Thieves arrested as stolen vehicle runs out of fuel

by Eha

Jaggayyapeta (Andhra Pradesh): Police in Andhra Pradesh arrested two thieves after their stolen vehicle ran out of fuel. Last week the robbers fled with a small truck that was loaded with home appliances and parked at a warehouse in Vijayawada. The truck with a cargo of television sets, air conditioners and washing machines were driven off to Hyderabad. The electronic goods were said to be worth Rs 10 lakhs. The robbers were youngsters who came to the warehouse in another truck to deliver a separate load of goods. The vehicle was traced from its Fastag details after it had passed through the Keesara toll gate on the way to Hyderabad. The robbers started to sell the goods for as low as Rs 500 on the side of the highway at Gauravaram after the vehicle ran out of fuel. One of them managed to escape when the police arrived after receiving a tip-off. During interrogation, the robbers admitted to stealing the vehicle from an LG warehouse in Enikepadu and planned to sell the goods in Hyderabad. Police in Patamata is investigating the case.

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