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Traffic Constable helps a Covid positive family in Indore

by akash

Indore: In the ongoing Covid crisis, the role of the police is seen in a different light. A case came to light in Indore where a Traffic Constable helped a Covid positive family by bringing food for an 8-year-old boy. When the mother of an 8-year-old innocent child became Covid positive, the son refused to eat. The father of the child informed her mother, who persuaded his son from the Covid centre to eat his food. However, the child refused to eat despite her cajoling and repeated requests. The distraught mother knew that his son is a fan of Traffic constable Ranjit, who stands at the crossroads and is known for his dancing while on duty. The boy also likes to see his videos and photos on Facebook. The concerned mother somehow managed to get Constable Ranjit’s phone number in the Covid centre. She called the constable and explained to him the situation. Constable Ranjit helped the family by having a video chat with the 8-year-old boy and lifted his spirits. Later, the Traffic Police Constable also came home with food for the boy and continues to stay in touch with the little kid. Indore Police is continuously trying to help the public during this ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

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