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Traffic cop beats up another policeman in Jharkhand

by Eha

Ranchi (Jharkhand): Two policemen clashed with each other near Sahajanand Chowk in Ranchi. Meanwhile, someone made a video of the fight between the two policemen and made it viral. A policeman was travelling on his bike at Sahajanand Chowk in Ranchi. He was not wearing a helmet and the traffic police stopped him. The dispute between the two started when the traffic police asked him to pay the fine. At first, there was a mild debate and then it turned into a ruckus. The traffic policeman chased and beat the law and order cop. On seeing the two policemen fighting, a large crowd of people gathered on the spot. All were enjoying the fight between the policemen. Senior police officers have also received information about this matter. The viral video has also reached the police officers. City SP Saurabh of Ranchi said that after watching the video, it is clear that it belongs to Sahajanand Chowk. Both the policemen are also from the Ranchi district force. The matter is under investigation and action will be taken on whoever is found guilty.

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