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Two TV actors arrested for theft in Mumbai

by akash

Mumbai: Two actors who had worked in crime-related television shows were on Friday arrested in the case oftheft, informed the police.According to the police, both actors who were suffering from financial crunch due to lack of work had shiftedto a building located in the Royal Palm area of Aarey Colony a few days ago, run by one of their friend’s aspaying guest accommodation.On May 18, both these actors fled from the Aarey Colony after allegedly stealing Rs 3,28,000 from the lockerof a woman who was staying as a paying guest in the same accommodation, said the police.It stated that during interrogation, the woman staying as a paying guest told the Aarey police that shesuspected TV actors Surabhi Surendra Lal Srivastava (25) and Mosina Mukhtar Sheikh (19) of stealing hermoney. During the investigation, both the actresses were seen going out of the building in CCTV footage, the policesaid. It stated that when the police showed the CCTV footage to the actresses in which they were clearly seencarrying the bundle of money, they broke down and confessed to the crime.Aarey Police Station’s senior officer Nutan Power said “that apart from popular TV shows like Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India, the actresses have also worked in many web series.”The police have recovered Rs 50,000 from them. Both were presented before the court. The court has sentboth of them to police custody till June 23, the police said

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