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UK court clears Indian drug kingpin’s extradition

by Eha

New Delhi: In what could be termed a major victory for the Delhi Police, a UK court heard an extradition request and the subsequent evidence produced against kingpin Kishan Singh and ordered his extradition to India. On August 23, 2018, Singh a UK citizen and kingpin of the global drug cartel was arrested by UK authorities. The case goes back to 2017 when the Delhi police had busted a drug racket and apprehended an athlete and Commonwealth Games silver medalist Harpreet Singh. Two of Harpreet’s accomplices Amandeep and Hanish were also taken into custody for allegedly possessing 25kgs of party drugs valued at Rs 50 crores in the international drug market. Kishan Singh has been accused of supplying recreational drugs such as Mephedrone (Meow Meow) and Amphetamine that stimulates the Central Nervous System in the human body. The drug syndicate kingpin who is a native of Rajasthan having got bail following his arrest in 2018 had challenged the Westminster Magistrates’ Court saying that he would not be granted a fair trial if he was extradited to India. However, the UK Court having heard the arguments made against him by the Indian side rejected Singh’s claims. In May 2019, the UK Court had allowed the extradition of Singh to India

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