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UK Prison Officer Jailed After Getting Tattoo of Inmate Lover’s Phone Number on Her Leg

by Eha

A prison officer in UK, who started a romantic relationship with an inmate, was jailed for 10 months after a tattoo of his phone number was found on her upper thigh. While serving her duties at a maximum-security prison in Sutton, UK, the 22-year-old prison officer Scarlett Aldrich had came in relationship with an inmate named Jones. Reportedly, Aldrich smuggled in a mobile phone and sim card so that he could contact her. During the course of investigation, love letters were intercepted from Jones’ phone. A picture of a tattoo containing his phone number was also found out. Later, a nurse who carried out an examination of Aldrich’s body found the same tattoo on her upper left thigh Aldrich admitted her misconduct during a hearing in a court and she was jailed for 10 months. Judge John Thackray QC, who heard the case in Hull Crown court that her actions had ‘put the safety and security of the prison in jeopardy’. He said that mobile phones can disrupt jail life. He mentioned that desite getting a trainingabout the dangers of developing close relationships with inmates, she went on to do it. Aldrich first came in contact with inmate Jones in August 2019 when they were seen talking to each other. The police officer-inamate lovers then began talking for up to two hours at a time, prosecutor Ayman Khokar said. Other prisoners in the same jail had also commented on the ‘closeness between the two’, he added. A colleague of Aldrich had warned her about her actions, but she was undeterred by the warnings, the court heard. During her initial interrogation with police, Aldrich denied the relationship with Jones, claiming he had called her home and threatened her family. Later, the prison staff intercepted a letter and the photo of her tattoo in a phone that she had smuggled to the inmate.

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