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Utah Women Had No Idea She Was Pregnant, Gives Birth to Baby on Flight To Hawaii

by akash

The best part about surprises is that they are unexpected and can’t be ever guessed, but guess this one looked totally off the table. A woman who boarded a flight from her hometown Salt Lake City in Utah to go to Hawaii, experienced the surprise of hr life as she got an unexpected blessing while on the flight — she went into labor mid-flight and gave birth to a baby boy before the flight even landed at its destination. And she did not even know that she was pregnant. Thankfully there were several nurses and doctors on the flight and assisted with the birth. The woman, Lavinia Mounga, named her baby boy Raymond Kaimana Wade Kobe Lavaki Mounga. The baby was born at 26-27 weeks, one of the nurses on board estimated. According to the when one of the passengers asked Lavinia’s father about her travelling in her third trimester, she exclaimed that she herself had no idea that she was pregnant! A video, shot by a co-passenger, soon went viral on the Internet. The clip documented what all took place when the woman went into labor. Towards the end of the clip, amidst everybody’s applause, it is announced that a baby is born in the flight. Everyone was overwhelmed to witness such a miracle. The cabin crew asked passengers to remain calm and seated as the mother-baby duo needed some medical assistance. After the flight landed, Lavinia was taken out of the flight on a wheelchair. All the passengers clapped for her and congratulated the new mother. The mother and her baby were taken to a hospital in Honolulu where they went through some medical examinations. They are said to be doing well. Lavinia’s sister also started a GoFundMe page for donations. The money would help with the medical costs, until the family can return to Utah.

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